(1945 – 2021)

Dewey Lambdin is one of America’s most beloved authors of nautical historical fiction. From 1989 to 2019 he delighted and entertained the world with his swashbuckling tales of Captain Alan Lewrie, an 18th Century sailor, privateer and spy. In total, Lambdin produced a series of 25 Lewrie books, written either from his home in Nashville, Tennessee or aboard his own beloved yacht, Wind Dancer, in the Gulf of Mexico. Lambdin also produced one standalone historical mystery, What Lies Buried: A Novel of Old Cape Fear (2005), set during the same period.

Dewey Lambdin came from a long line of seafarers. Born in 1945, Lambdin spent much of his early life on (and off) both coasts of the Americas and dreamed of following in the footsteps of the many sailors in his family – especially his father, Dewey Lambdin Sr.

Lambdin joined the US Naval Academy, but soon changed direction after realising it was not right for him. Instead, he went to university to study Film and Television Production, which set him up for his 20-year career in television production and advertising. This influence can be seen in his novels after he turned to writing fiction, through his flair for accessible, returnable storytelling. Lambdin’s naval adventure novels have been well received by a vibrant, devoted readership, and continue to find new fans worldwide.

Photo credit: Grant “Sgt. Speed” Achepohl