08 November 2023

ILP Head to the United States
West Coast

Next week, ILP will be in Los Angeles, meeting with West Coast producers to explore adaptation opportunities in our library of much-loved literary IP. ILP CEO, UK & Europe Hilary Strong, and SVP, Creative and Brand, Executive Producer Emma Bell spoke to Deadline’s Max Goldbart about their upcoming trip.

“As we continue to buy considerable assets, we need to broaden our relationships with the U.S. production community and showrunners,” Hilary Strong told Deadline. “We are going out to make sure people understand the message so we can start to develop producer networks in Hollywood akin to what we have on the East Coast and in the UK.”

“What we’re seeing from a distance is more thought being put into spend on underlying source material,” Strong added. “But when people are more risk averse, the importance of having literary IP that is a known quantity with a beginning, middle and end becomes even more important. Over and over again, people are looking for that source material to give commissioners confidence.”

Emma Bell, a former development chief at Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Stolen Picture, said her team focuses on being “proactive owners” by both spotting opportunities for adaptations and managing author’s brands. “We have the privileged job of getting under the skin of these individual authors and their work,” she added. “I come from the position of thinking, ‘What would I have liked as a development producer?’.”
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