30 November 2023

Storytellers Converge
at Content London

That’s a wrap! For three days, the ILP team has been taking part in the Content London market and conference alongside over 3,000 storytellers and executives from across the globe. It has been an incredible opportunity for producers, writers, podcasters and development executives to meet buyers, distributors, studios and networks and get some projects away for 2025, 2026 and beyond.

As the industry comes together to review the market, the mood looking ahead for 2024 is cautiously optimistic. Every single speaker at this event has projected a message of hope for the future of the TV and film industry while accounting for a challenging year past. The key themes being discussed are the continued importance of IP, the increased focus on co-production, more creative deal-making and how to deliver TV that resonates with audiences – locally, and globally. One of the biggest notes from the conference has been the growing importance of European stories based on recognisable IP that can resonate globally – good news for our growing list of European authors, such as Arto Paasilinna, whose estate we acquired just last month.

Highlights of the conference including Bad Wolf CEO Jane Tranter remembering the days when drama commissioners would refuse to consider any shows featuring female detectives, networking sessions in the St Pancras Hotel (where the Spice Girls filmed the video for ‘Wannabe’), and the announcement of the exciting New8 initiative, which will supercharge the development of high-quality European drama across eight major territories.

As we look forward to 2024 and our multiple projects in development, we’re excited to meet again with some of the familiar faces from the Content London crowd and bring even more of our authors’ works to life on big and small screens across the world.