The masterful historical author whose romances inspired the Bridgerton series

Georgette Heyer is one of Britain’s most popular and enduring 20th Century novelists. Through her long and illustrious career, she wrote 56 novels: 39 historical novels, 34 Regency romances, and 12 mystery detective novels. Her consistently bestselling books have sold over 20 million copies worldwide and her legion of fans include Stephen Fry, Germaine Greer, Philippa Gregory, Nigella Lawson, J.K. Rowling and Queen Elizabeth II. 

Heyer wrote her first book at age 17, to entertain and amuse her convalescent brother. Her father encouraged her to send the story to a publisher and two years later, in 1921, The Black Moth was published, a rollicking historical tale of duels, dukes and highwaymen.

Heyer is best known for her Austen-inspired Georgian historical novels. Dubbed the ‘Queen of Regency Romance,’ these novels left a lasting legacy on the literary landscape, establishing an iconic genre of fiction which, following the recent international success of Bridgerton, is once again at the height of fashion.

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